Ariana Grande gives a sneak peek into her upcoming musical era with the message, ‘Catch you in the coming year.’

Ariana Grande, the pop sensation, has recently ignited a wave of excitement among her devoted fan base, known as Arianators, as she teases her return to the music scene after a hiatus of over two years. In a series of tantalizing studio photos shared on Wednesday, Grande captioned one of them with the promising words, “See you next year,” signaling the impending arrival of a new era in her musical journey.

One particularly intriguing image from the collection featured the acclaimed songwriter and producer Ilya, a frequent collaborator known for his work on some of Grande’s biggest hits, including “Problem,” “God Is a Woman,” and “No Tears Left to Cry.” The presence of Ilya in the studio hints at the magic that might be brewing for the songstress’s upcoming musical endeavor.

But that’s not all Grande, always one to keep her fans on their toes, shared a video capturing her mother, Joan, dancing in a muted video that seemed to accompany the soundtrack of her latest musical creation. A strategically placed selfie in front of a producer booth further fueled the anticipation surrounding what promises to be a highly anticipated return.

In a delightful surprise, some lucky fans received a package from Grande that included a striking red REM Beauty lipstick along with a postcard. Fans, with their keen detective skills, are speculating that the postcard might serve as the cover art for her upcoming single, featuring a captivating close-up of Grande’s lips adorned with a deep-red lipstick.

While Grande has been actively involved in the film adaptation of Wicked, slated for a Thanksgiving 2024 release, snippets of her new music have managed to find their way to some of her co-stars. Cynthia Erivo, upon seeing a muted video of Grande in the studio, commented, “No one is ready,” while Bowen Yang teased during a Twitch stream that there are “several bops” on the new album, promising that “everyone is going to be gagged.”

The buzz around Grande’s return reached a fever pitch in early December when she shared several slides of herself engrossed in the creative process of new music. A-list artists, including Selena Gomez, Billie Eilish, and SZA, expressed their excitement for the impending musical era.

Adding to the intrigue, a rooftop selfie with Max Martin from Jungle City Studios in New York City surfaced, with reports suggesting that the pop producer is actively contributing to Grande’s upcoming project. Grande’s last musical offering was the 2020 album “Positions,” with a deluxe edition following in the subsequent year. Prior to that, fans were treated to “Thank U, Next” in 2019 and “Sweetener” in 2018. This year, Grande commemorated the tenth anniversary of her fan-favorite LP “Yours Truly” with a reissued edition.

A noteworthy theme seems to be emerging from Grande’s teasers — the number 7. On December 7, she shared seven pictures and videos, followed by another studio video on December 17. The latest cryptic message, “See you next year,” was posted on December 27. As fans eagerly await the next clue, all eyes are on January 7, as Grande’s meticulous countdown hints at more revelations on the horizon. The anticipation is palpable, and Arianators around the world are eagerly awaiting the dawn of Ariana Grande’s seventh musical chapter.

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